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​​Show N Shine
1. Habeck Trucking, Inc, Belle Fouche SD

2. Taylor Buchholz, Ormond NE

3. Nick Weber, Baltic SD

4. Mark Horejsi, Schuyler NE

5. Kary Bryce, Sibley IA

6. Jerry Kleinsasser, Sioux Falls SD

7. Levi Fawcett, Wolsey SD

8. Michael A. Manuel, Stokesdale NC

9. Patrick Breen, Seneca SD

10. Kunkle Trucking, Linton ND

Bobtail Class

Bobtail 1973 & Older
1st - Roger Kirschmann, Bismarck ND

Bobtail 1974-1984
1st - Nick Weber, Baltic SD 
2nd - Roger Kirschmann, Bismarck ND

Bobtail 1985-1995
1st - David Buffington, Holland MN
2nd - Brendon Wilson, Sioux Falls SD 

Bobtail 1996-2006
1st - Duane Anwiler, Pingree ND
2nd - Josh Meyer, Pierre SD 

Bobtail 2007-2014
1st - Dylan Ruzer, Jasper MN 
2nd - Dylan Fehrman, North Prairie WI

Bobtail 2015-2018
1st - David McGaugh, Northville SD
2nd - Kully Rawstern, Wolsey SD 

Bobtail 2019 - 2021
1st - Dwight Soyars, Stokesdale NE 
2nd - Ricky Fischer, Alcester SD

Bobtail 2022 - 2023 New Truck
1st - Ray Taylor, Luverne MN
2nd - Darren Friedrichson, Bloomfield NE 

Bobtail Show Truck
1st - Kary Bryce, Sibley IA 
2nd - Wayne Holt, Aberdeen SD

Best Cabover
Jason DelaBarrie, Bismarck ND
Specialty Class
1st - Rocky Mountain Towing (Andy Anderson), Cheyenne WY
2nd - Robert Ball/Jeremiah Lindsey, Mitchell SD

Dynamic Engine Brake
1st - Clint Bohr, Alpena SD
2nd - Jeremy Reich, Wibaux MT
3rd - Jennifer Waege, Hartford SD
4th - Lane Fawcett, Ree Heights SD
2nd - Jeremy Reich, Wibaux MT
3rd - Jennifer Waege, Hartford SD

Tractor/Trailer Class
Tractor/Trailer 1973  Older
1st - Dennis Eschen, Boyd MN
2nd - Diane Eschen, Boyd MN

Tractor/Trailer  1974-1984
1st - Larry Olsen, Mitchell SD
2nd - Jay Kirschmann, Bismarck ND

Tractor/Trailer 1985-1995
1st - Jason Delabarre, Bismarck ND 
2nd - Chad Anding, Albion NE

Tractor/Trailer 1996-2006
1st - Riley Leber, Vale SD 
2nd - Steve Anderson, Mitchell SD

Tractor/Trailer 2007-2014
1st - Adam Moore, Clarism NE
2nd - Roger Kirschmann, Bismarck ND 

Tractor/Trailer 2015-2018
1st - Dillion VanDyke, Elkton SD 
2nd - Oren Soward Belle Fouche SD

Tractor/Trailer 2019-2021
1st - PJ Brink, Garretson SD
2nd - Jerry Kleinsasser, Sioux Falls SD 

Tractor/Trailer New
1st - Roane Trans (Jeff Stibb), Decatur TN

Tractor/Trailer Show
1st - Michael Manuel, Front Royal VA

Best Interior - Driver's Choice

Patrick Breen/Mitch Young, Seneca SD

Light Show Bobtail - Driver's Choice

Fritz Littlefield, Forest Lake MN

Light Show Combo - Driver's Choice

Jonathon Eller/Ross Koehn, Starbuch MN

Best Fleet Bobtail

Reisch Trucking, Luverne MN

Best Fleet Combo 

Devin Fehrman, Dylan Fehrman, Greg Rucks, North Prairie WI

Best Bull Rack Combo 

Bahr Trucking (Ben Timmerman), Osmond NE

Best Grain Hopper Combo

Riley Leber, Vale SD

Best Van Reefer Combo 

Jason Delabarie, Bismarck ND

Best Tanker Combo

Ben Overton, Winnipeg MB

Best Flat Bed Combo

Michael Manuel, Front Royal VA

Past Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Bernie and Lorna Feldhaus, Feldhaus Trucking Inc, Howard SD - 2021

Randy Nixon, Huron, SD - 2019

Gary French of Gary French Trucking, Cavour, SD - 2015

Dennis & Jim Johnson, owners Johnson Trucking, Clark - 2014
Douglas Moeller of Moeller Trucking, Bryant SD - 2013
Stan Kopfmann - 2012
Selland Trucking - 2011
Kent Thomsen & Kevin Eichstadt, owners-T&E Enterprises - 2010
Norman Mason - Mason Provisions - 2009
Rich Hiles - 2008
Clifff Parkhurst - 2007
Charlie Flowers - 2006
NTA - Dave VanZee and Pat Arbuthnot - 2005


june 6-9, 2024 | HURON, SD


2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

"Presented to someone who has dedicated their life to the trucking industry in any capacity"

Von Denning, Corsica, SD

​2022 Legacy Award

Rich Barnes, Huron SD

 "A legacy of driving anything and impacting many" - Read news article from Huron Daily Plainsman

2022 Rick Marone Memorial Trophy

Jason Steele, Waterbury NE