june 6-9, 2024 | HURON, SD

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Thank you to Full Tilt Performance, Continental Air Springs, Acrisure Truck Group, and S&B Transportation - our 2024 Maximum Overdrive Sponsors!!   See the website for Full Tilt Performance to learn more about their products - engineered for reliable, longer lasting product performance!  Explore Continental's website to learn about their smart air springs with integrated sensor technology for agriculture and industry.  Check out Acrisure's website to discover how they provide customers with intelligence-driven financial services solutions for insurance, reinsurance, cyber services and more.  Take a look at S&B Transportation's website to learn more about services they offer including compliance consulting, wheel alignments, suspension repair and more.

SD Truck Convoy for Special Olympics - Sioux Falls, SD
Tony's Diesel Service Inc. - Sioux Falls, SD
Dixon Insurance Inc. - Fargo, ND
Wendell Hofer Trucking - Doland, SD
Johnson Trucking - Huron, SD
JJ & L Trucking - Sioux Falls, SD

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Gary French Trucking - Cavour, SD
V&S Trucking LLC - Corsica, SD
Marone Transport LLC - Huron, SD
Hurd Alignment - Huron, SD

Learn how to become a sponsor for our 2024 Wheel Jam Truck Show.  Join our many existing sponsors to make next year's show the most exciting yet.  Levels include Maximum Overdrive, Double Overdrive, Overdrive and Direct Drive.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Scot Marone at 605.354.2809 or marone_1@msn.com or Doug Flowers at 605.354.1324.

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